About Us

About Seven LakeView

We are a boutique business funding firm made up of real people who are passionate about helping businesses connect with funding resources to help them grow.  

We provide our clients and partners with realistic expectations and don't make promises we can't keep. We create clarity and insight in a world where many businesses find confusion and inexperienced salespeople simply working to close their next deal. 

Unlike many other business funding firms, our partners and clients enjoy our transparency and honesty, even we have to share information they may not want to hear. 

Why Seven Lakeview?

Excellent Customer Experience

Tired of getting the runaround? Either people promise you the moon and stars or never call you back. We pride ourselves on being forthright and giving you realistic options to fund your business. Whether that means responding to emails promptly, answering the phone when you call, even when an uncomfortable no, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been building our reputation in business funding for almost 20 years and have seen multiple economic cycles, so we know how to weather storms. Let our experience work for you


Meet Our Team

Our team will provide you with clarity and insight on how to get funding for your business. We’ve helped thousands of businesses just like yours get millions of dollars in funding. We’ve worked with everything from hospice care to wineries, chocolate stores to FedEx routes and everything in between.


Rhoda Pflum

Director & Co-Founder

Trey Sublette

Director & Co-Founder